Malaika Ecotourism

Organization Description: 

Malaika Ecotourism is a travel agency specialised in tourism and development in both Kenya and Tanzania, through protection of culture i.e. people, and cultural heritage as well as wildlife.

Tourism and development : each year we identify one eco-project initiated by a community to support it by reinvesting a percentage of our revenues. This is one way of giving back to local populations who are affected by the CO? production of our clients during their travel.

Thus any activity or any tour you book with us will benefit communities and the environment and help fighting against global warming .

Malaika Ecotourism also supports eco-projects and also posts volunteers for a period of 2 to 3 weeks

Organizational Email:
GPO PO BOX 19675-00100
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to reach out people of Africa in a spirit of true humanity and solidarity. To share Africa's wild world wonders with people from diverse cultures in a way that appreciates the local people, local cultures, physical environment and the wildlife.

Malaika has the vision of making development countries to be aware of the importance of protecting people's culture and natural heritage. Some of these have been endangered, because of lack of understanding that tourism should be sustainable and that only ecotourism can bring tourism close to the people. That is why we work with communities with a vision of developing tourism and the people.

Malaika Ecotourism will implement the following recommendations from the world eco-tourism summit of 2002
? Conserve energy, water, and other resources, reduce waste and favor materials that are not imported.
? Plan more sustainable transport options.
? Promote awareness of conservation and biodiversity amongst local people and visitors.
? Use appropriate tools to identify limits to use and to manage impacts.
? Seek to influence demand as well as managing who do come.
? Use economic tools, information and interpretation in visitor management.
All of the above shall be done through reaching out people of Africa in a spirit of true humanity and solidarity.

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