Malaysian Organization of Volunteer Exchange

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By definition, workcamp is a form of voluntary service. In workcamp, young people (usually 10-20 person) from different country, race, culture, social status, gender, belief etc. will spend 2 to 3 weeks living, eating, learning, working together to support social, cultural, ecological, etc. projects. Usually host will provide food and accommodation while volunteers offer their labor force, thoughts, ideas, etc. It's a mutual and alternative learning environment that will bring benefits to all parties, especially local community (host).

Basically MOVE is a group of Malaysian professionals from different background, who participated in voluntary works in Malaysia/abroad who see a situation that can be improve by voluntary works. We try to turn our thoughts and free time into some real actions, and of course learning and enjoying in the same time. Few of MOVE's main aims are:

1. To strengthen sense of unity, belonging and identity among young Malaysian

2. To organize voluntary service activity in-cooperation with various NGOs, local communities and insolated minority groups.

3. To promote global understanding, friendship and solidarity through voluntary service.

Before I end this mail I would like to thank you for your time, and I hope we will meet sometime in the future to talk more. You can always email me if you have any other queries.


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No 57 Jalan Nilam Kawasan 6
Klang, 41100
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