The Maralink Eco-Volunteers

Organization Description: 

‚‚ The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Organization is a Pro-Green organization that focuses in placement of International volunteers and Interns in the Kenyan Local communities based projects and programs. We stand by the principle of re-inventing Eco-volunteerism. Our major objective is to offer support to community based organizations through outsourcing and placement of international volunteer personnel and interns, in order to improve the life of our people and thereby contributing to local community development and inter cultural interactions in Kenya, which is part of the global village.

18352-00100 Nairobi
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to link people with communities in need, by Providing quality placements for interns and volunteers with the aim of meeting the goals and aspirations of the local communities as well as the volunteers.
To promote and support “green tourism" and conservation of our environment in order to save our society from adverse environmental effects.

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