Memphis Performing Arts Ministry

Organization Description: 

The play originated in the minds of two young college students, Russ and Joel Nagy from Upper Arlington Lutheran Church in Columbus. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Russ composed the contemporary music score, while Joel put the script and lyrics together by laying out the Gospels side-by-side. They depicted the words of Jesus in an historically accurate setting with a contemporary message for today's audience.
1976 a group formed in Cleveland Ohio.


Tetelestai operates out of 3 cities by over 50 casts and has been seen in 100'S

of cities thought the United States

MPAM is the newest group to join in on spreading the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1204 Margaret
Memphis, TN 38109
Mission Statement: 

Mission Statement:

We are a Memphis TN Christian community, called by God to proclaim the Gospel (Mark 16:15) through the prayerful re-enactment of Christ's sacrifice and triumph over death. Led by the Holy Spirit, we strive to promote Christ's teachings in lives and hearts during the Lenten Season.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


1. Willingness. More than talent, skill or ability, we prize, celebrate and affirm every cast member who is willing to be willing.

2. Everyone participates - kids, staff and adults - within the limits of their abilities. Through shared experience we form community. We all succeed or fail together. No one is insignificant, all are respected.

3. We act as and model, in every way, through the grace of God, the Body of Christ. We hold up the goal of each individual being and acting as Jesus on two feet. We are conscious of our responsibility to "represent."

4. The artistic goal is perfection - unattainable but never compromised. We can (and will) always seek to be better in every aspect of the production.


1. To present a Biblically sound Passion account through musical-drama to everyone God calls to witness Tetelestai. To support the validity of Christ through the living witness of our cast.

2. To provide everyone, wiling to offer their singing and acting talents an opportunity to experience missional proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. To have a wonderfully fun time in healthy Christian community as we experience acceptance, support, encouragement and success together.

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