Metro Kidz

Organization Description: 

We believe it is better to build boys and girls than it is to repair men and women. This is proven weekly as we go out to 13 different neighborhoods in our Sidewalk Sunday School Trucks. On the same day and time each week, our trucks pull into the most difficult inner-city neighborhoods to share the love of Christ with these kids. The sides of the trucks are transformed into stages and are used by staff and interns of Metro Kidz to perform exciting programs for the kids. With songs, games, Bible teaching, object lessons, puppets, skits, and loving friendship, these children are given hope.
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Organizational Email:
2301 Bellevue Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Mission Statement: 

Changing a Generation One Child at a Time...

Our common goal and purpose as a Ministry Team is to bring children of the inner city into the Kingdom of God. As a ministry team we want to love, to train and nurtrue them in a way of life as they learn to walk with the Lord. Metro Kidz will train and nurture these children and families in the power of the Holy Spirit in service to the body of Chirst with fullness of joy!!!

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