Mexico Vounteering

Organization Description: 

Marketplace Ministry Program

We operate a missions program through the coffee shop twice a year. Our curriculum offers a look inside the coffee shop industry and the basics of owning and successfully operating a small business, as well as an opportunity for personal spiritual growth through ministry classes, community service and living in community. We believe that the entire world is a mission field and that everything each of us does, as ambassadors of Christ, should serve to bring Him glory. Our goal is to provide young adults a new way to experience the mission field by having them live "normal" lives in a foreign country while working in the marketplace.

As a participant in the program, your days might look a lot like they do in your home environment; each week you would have a few classes, work a few shifts at a coffee shop, travel a bit, be a part of a church, socialize with friends and neighbors, be involved in the community, and live with other young adults while sharing household responsibilities.
A few differences might be, the fact that the locals speak Spanish, and you’ll be trying to learn it too, the currency, living a few blocks from the beach, not having your own car, but most importantly, the opportunity to serve those less fortunate in Mazatlan in a variety of ways. Your time working at the shop will help pay to build a home for a local family in need. You might even have the chance to be a physical part of the build.

Whether you are a college graduate, fresh out of high school, in between jobs, or just looking for something new, our program provides an opportunity to serve Jesus in a practical way in Mexico, and grow in your understanding of missions, business, and service. At this time we do not have accommodations for married couples, though that may be a possibility in the future.

The program is a 16 week commitment, with semesters from Mid-October to the end of January, and from February through Mid-May.

Los Cerritos, Mazatlan, SIN, Mexico
SIN Mazatlan Mexico, 424
Mission Statement: 

To create a gathering place for the local and seasonal residents. A place where people can meet, share stories, and exchange information while enjoying their favorite coffee drink or smoothie. They envisioned a cozy place that you could come to after a nice stroll along the beach, a place where you can rent a surfboard and go out to one of the best breaks in Mazatlan; a place to relax and belong.
Through their hard work and GodÂ’s faithfulness, Looney Bean Mazatlan has become much more than a coffee house. In addition to roasting and serving some of the best coffee in Mexico, we are able to serve the community around us, and visitors from around the world.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We exist to offer a place to stay, serve, and grow for young adults from all over the world, who are unsure how to live out their faith in Christ or who are just looking for the next steps. We aim to give direction to those who have found Christ or to those who are searching for more to life and desire to live for more than themselves. There is a whole subset that gets lost in the mundane lives that were lived before finding Christ because we did not know how to begin serving Him with all we were. We hope to come alongside and disciple, mentor, equip, and guide young adults as they continue on their journey. We have observed, that there seems to be, a pattern that occurs with people who have come to live and work with us. Pretty much all have thrived when these 4 elements were present:

* Intimate Relationships
* Informal Settings
* Adventures and Experiences
* Truth

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