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Established in 1994, MIFUMI has directly reached more than 50,000 women together with their children with comprehensive services in education, health-care, micro-enterprises and domestic violence advocacy. MIFUMI's greatest strength is being based in the countryside and undertaking grassroots -up approach to advocacy, the most important contribution being reform of bride price and domestic violence. We have a regional network and partners in Eastern Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and the UK. MIFUMI seeks to make every voice count particularly in tackling domestic violence, polygamy, child marriages and the arbitrary and unlawful action among justice delivery agents which is unfairly directed towards women seeking protection.
MIFUMI Uganda has more than 10 years experience of working within a human rights framework to address domestic violence in Uganda. This work has evolved a significant support base, which cuts across women's groups and organisations in the villages of eastern Uganda, Government of Uganda, the Media, Rights NGOs, and Faith organisations. Work with the Uganda police led to a joint resolution in 2003; with local councils to the Kirewa byelaw (2002); with grassroots networks to the bride price referendum 2001 and the current MIFUMI network which has more than 40 local organisations working on domestic violence and bride price. In 2006 MIFUMI started implementing policies on disability mainstreaming. MIFUMI is presently taking bride price to the constitutional court in Uganda. MIFUMI's Executive Director is the current Torch Bearer for the MDG3 in Uganda. She is an ASHOKA fellow and won the district woman of the year award (2007) in Tororo. MIFUMI is a member of the Uganda Women's Network (UWONET), and The Legal Aid Services Providers Network of the Danish Embassy. We collaborate with Amnesty International and The Aids Support Organisation (TASO) in Tororo. MIFUMI has made effective submissions to the Parliamentary legal affairs committee, and the law reform commission on the draft Domestic Relations Bill and the Domestic Violence Bill in Uganda.‚ 

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MIFUMI's Vision
A world where women and children are free from violence and oppression and where everyone has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

MIFUMI's Mission
In pursuit of this vision, MIFUMI’s mission is to undertake sustainable improvement in the personal safety and security of disadvantaged women experiencing violence and abuse with a primary focus on domestic violence and bride price violations.

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