MILECHILD Foundation

Organization Description: 

MILECHILD Foundation is a registered charity Tour/Travel community children based organization with head office in Masaka (Uganda).MILECHILD exists to provide you, our Greatest, the most relaxing and enjoyable services in this beautiful Country. But, we have a larger purpose. We identify and support existing vulnerable children institutions in village communities via our network of tours, adventures, and volunteering and travel services in Uganda. MILECHILD Foundation further more assist local communities around the area of operation through complete services we offer including Budget Charitable Safaris/Tours + Internship/Volunteerism = ?MILECHILD? services as way of fund raising for wellbeing of underprivileged children in Uganda. (MILE =Safaris/Tours +Internship/Volunteerism, CHILD= underprivileged children). We provide a complete services include; Customized/Tailor made Safaris, Culture Tours, Leisure Travels, Internships/Volunteer programs, Weekend escape trips, Meeting Uganda`s children, Project(Development and educating Project),Team building activities trips for university students. By participating in our Programs; Internships/Volunteerism and even typical tourism excursions; you are supporting local communities and indirectly changing people`s lives.

Our children based programs are driven by the benefits earned from the organization?s services. Each trip is dedicated to a specific child in need and a known percentage of the income is directed to support them.

Each MILE you take, will bring a CHILD closer to a prospective future.

Lastonet Building ,Plot 7.Birch Avenue.Masaka.Uganda
Kampala, 256
Mission Statement: 

- VISION & MISSION o Simultaneously, we wish to establish a remarkable fundraising vehicle to uplift the well-being of vulnerable children in Uganda.

o To enhance the perspectives for the unprivileged and vulnerable children by providing them with some resources in the form of sponsorship. o The MIELCHILD?s aim is to help disadvantaged children realize their full potential by providing them with the basics, which most of us take for granted such as food, medicine, housing and education. o To team up with many different Child NGOs and institutions, in order to identify underprivileged children and support them. So as to establish links between children NGOs and MILECHILD Foundation.

- OUR GOALS o To operate and develop income generated by tourism related projects in order to support the children in need.

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