Ministry Resourcing International

Organization Description: 

The MInistry of MRI focuses on building identified ministries by resourcing them. These ministries could be churches or some individual ministers that have been identified with certain ministry potentials.
Some of our key objectives include:
1)Focusing the church on the centrality of spiritual resources
2)Growth of managerial skills and competencies in ministries
3)Advocacy for the poor and the oppressed
4)Intentional leadership development in ministries
5)Ministry resource linking within and across nations
6)Providing a platform for the showcasing of ministry successes (media) as a effort to stimulate growth
7)Enhancing the disciplines of appraisal and perfomance management in ministries

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Organizational Email:
256 414 340394
P. O. Box 37690
kampala, 37690 Kampala
Mission Statement: 

Ministry Resourcing International exists as an advocate for Christian Ministry, for the equipping and upliftment of ministry in individual lives, churches and organizations, for greater effectiveness and impact in the kingdom of God on earth.

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