Mission for Development Nepal

Organization Description: 

Mission for Development Nepal (MDN) is non governmental, non ? profitable, non- political, social developmental and evangelical Christian Organization committed in improving the community by working with volunteer capacity. MDN is registered with the Government of Nepal (Reg. no. 993) and also affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Established in Nepal with the purpose of Sustainable development, led by a group of professionals in sustainable development field and Evangelism through the Social Service. MDN fully supported by the caring Christian Individuals, Organizations and Churches both within the Country and abroad. This organization has been mandated by the Nepal government to mobilize communities towards sustainable development.

Mission for Development Nepal (MDN) is situated at Katmandu ? 34. Katmandu city is capital of Nepal which is one of the beautiful valleys, hill stations of Nepal with amazing view point of Himalayans range. Through the initiation of highly self motivated Christians who are committed and willing to address issues of less fortunate people through coordination, as mediators and as advocacy with other local NGOs, government agencies and other private institutions, the activities have been initiated through volunteers? And individuals? Support of the community. Programs are available year- round in the area of English teaching, environmental awareness, orphanage, community support, cultural exchanges, conservation work, health services, youth empowerment and many more as per the interest of volunteers. We are professional people who believe in integrity growth and harmony.
MDN offers a complete volunteer package (language program, volunteer service project, and Himalayan Trek) in a highly competitive rate. MDN is not simple placement services, we work with many international partners to help deprived children, elder people, widows, conserve the environment, and support local community project.

More About MDN
Mission for Development Nepal (MDN) invites and assists you to do so by being a part of our program. You will have an excellent experience, if not a life time experience while helping the people of least developed country likes Nepal. Nepal is rich in culture, natural beauty and diversities. The people of Nepal have been famous in the world for their friendliness and hospitality.

We get in touch with people like you who want to volunteer valuable services for the betterment of Nepal by joining different programs like Education, Health, Community Development, Environment etc.

MDN makes sure that you will be well prepared before you begin your work as a volunteer by providing you training on language culture and work culture. Besides this MDN also does everything possible for your safety and pleasant stay.

MDN provides you various programs which are challenging. Accept the challenge. We are sure that you can do it and not only achieve a huge experience of serving a third world country but contributing a lot towards the development of Nepal.

Doing volunteers job in Nepal is like combining your holidays with some work. You have experienced a good living in your own home. Now you experience and learn how you can smile and be happy even in adverse situation like most of the people in Nepal. Don't miss this unique opportunity and gain an invaluable experience which perhaps you will never have in your life.

At the end upon completion of your volunteers job in Nepal you'll be going back home with flying colors with a sense of great satisfaction and contentment. You'll definitely have the feeling of doing something worth in your life for the benefit of the poor and needy people. You'll cherish this unique experience for the whole of your life.

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Mission for Development Nepal(MDN)
kathmandu, 00977
Mission Statement: 

To provide and offer opportunities for both locals and international volunteers to interact in development and educational programs thus enabling them to gain experience and build their capacities for their lives and that of future generations. Also to train, equip and mobilize the Pastors, Leaders and the Church Planters.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

? Promote volunteerism and voluntary efforts in social and national development.
? To encourage international and local volunteers towards volunteerism to contribute in the community development.
? To support managerial skill to newly or previously set up orphanage and shelter homes.
? To educate communities on the importance of education, English language and literacy, hygiene and sanitary living, and environmental management.
? To apply new technologies stern knowledge, care methodology and experience on a variety of education and health matters to the village communities.
? To provide education and vocational training for community youths in encouraging skilled manpower and create opportunities for self-employment.
? To provide language lessons and cultural information for people who come to Nepal to study, conduct research, and do voluntary work.
? To introduce volunteers to the richness of Nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.
? To initiate and promote grassroots community development programs. In collaboration with our volunteers and many international partners, we have constructed and renovated many school, Churches, orphanages in different parts of Nepal.

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