Mission Generation

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Where: In the public and private school systems in and around Santa Cruz, Bolivia in South America

What: Because of Mission Generation's agreements with the government, you will be allowed to OPENLY share the Gospel of Christ with students of all ages in the SCHOOLS!

When: 2011 Mission Trip Openings-March, May, June, July, September. The standard trip is 9 days long.

Cost: The total cost of a standard trip is $2200* each. Teams can be anywhere from 10-16 people.

How: We handle all of the logistics and will teach you how to raise financial support for your trip. We assist you in JOINING an existing team, ORGANIZING your own team, or even LEADING a team! This is a great trip for those new to the mission field as well as seasoned missionaries. This trip imposes almost no physical limitations and there is no age limit.

Bonus: The standard mission trip includes a 1 day excursion so you can really experience Bolivia! In addition we have a number of longer excursions available that can be added to the beginning or end of the standard trip. However, the cost of the longer excursions is not included in the standard trip price.

*Price is subject to change without notice due to changes in airline fees.

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Mission Generation's Mission Teams are bring the Gospel into the public and private schools in Bolivia. Mission teams have the opportunity to openly share the Gospel into classrooms in Bolivia while much of the the rest of the world is kicking Christ out of the classrooms. Previous teams have had the opportunity to speak to 4,000-6,000 students about Jesus in one week! Don't Miss this opportunity!

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