The Morlock Foundation, Inc.

Organization Description: 

Helping families to survive overwhelming issues they are facing. It is their stories that will tear open your heart and make you see how overwhelmed life can get.


The Morlock Foundation was founded in 2003 as a non-profit foundation devoted to helping Western New York families with unfortunate circumstances. Whether their circumstances include medical bills, insurance crises, putting food on the table or needing support The Morlock Foundation was established as a family support system within the community. The foundation was dedicated in memory of the late Hal Gregg Morlock.

Our families have saved over $7 million (Aug 2003-Aug 2008) in medical bills, prescriptions, medical equipment and other needs. With over two hundred clients in Project: ¢?Save the Family¢? we are the only non-profit organization that will negotiate with insurance companies, organize medical records, provide respite services to families in need as well as provide counseling services. Our unique existence is what makes our mission and vision so worthwhile.


To be a leading support organization in family support, community collaboration, and college collaboration. It is the goal of The Morlock Foundation to assist caring for the needy, educating the community and helping community organizations survive.


To improve the quality of life for families in our community through resources, support, love, hope, education, respect and respite.


Every family has a story to tell, some are stories of happiness, some are stories of suffering and some are stories of great blessings. The Morlock Foundation has its own story of happiness, suffering and great blessings.

Carmaletta Zandi and her husband Michael are the founders of The Morlock Foundation. Their son Donovan, has an abundance of health problems which include heart difficulties, ADHD, and asthma. After Donovan¢?s third open heart surgery, the family was exhausted with the furry of medical bills, insurance companies, worrying about the well-being of their son, as well as day to day living. Their darkest day came when the Zandi family was informed that Donovan needed another open heart surgery. Since they couldn¢?t afford a $750,000 surgery, they began to work with the insurance company for assistance. In December 2001, the Zandi¢?s were blessed the insurance company would pay 80% of the surgery costs. Their story continues on, but instead their story creates happiness in the lives of those who are suffering and brings blessings to where they are needed. The Morlock Foundation hopes to be a light in the darkness, for all families in the Western New York community.

The Morlock Foundation Programs:

Angel Food Ministries & Starving Students

Community Awareness & Emergency Preparedness

Evangel Food Pantry

Foster Parent Support Group


Never Adopted

Save the Family & Eldercare


WHYME House Foundation

2323 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214
Mission Statement: 

The mission of The Morlock Foundation is to improve the quality of life of families in our community through resources, support, love, hope, education, respect and respite.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We the co-founders of The Morlock Foundation started the organization after feeling the calling to making a difference in the lives of families that had a family member with disease or disability. It was our son Donovan who was born with heart disease that was in need of his fourth open heart surgery and that left us overwhelmed and when told by the insurance company that we would have to pay for the surgery that would cost $750,000. We called on our support system to help, those prayers would lead for us to find a surgeon in the state to take on his case and then for the insurance company to agree to pay 80% then to lead the doctor to put Donovan in for a clinical trial study that would cost us $0. About a year later the word then was that Donovan's surgery that was URGENT was not needed until he was about 35. We encourage all to stand on your support system, one that is greater than you and I could ever imagine. We the co-founders of The Morlock Foundation would not be able to live this life on earth without our faith in our heavenly father and the blessings of Jesus Christ open up his arms for us and dieing for our sins.

The Morlock Foundation ministry is a simple one that we call "S.L.U.G. Minsitries" which means serving by saving lives under God.

The Morlock Foundation is a Christ based organization that with the love of Jesus Christ will serve all who are in need no matter what their religious affiliation. It is our prayers that Jesus Christ protect The Morlock Foundation from evil and wrongdoing.

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