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Our Values:
Mosaic commits to the following values:

* Safety -- We strive to continually improve and provide high-quality, personalized services that limit risks to the fullest extent possible and create secure settings in which the people we serve and our employees can flourish.
* Respect -- We listen to the people we serve and their choices are honored in both day-to-day activities and life goals, and we reward the work of employees by creating engaging and satisfying work environments.
* Connection -- We help people build relationships that connect them to individuals, groups, and organizations in their community, offering and receiving friendship, support and benefits.
* Integrity -- We are true to our faith-inspired heritage and interact openly and truthfully in all situations with all people, making ethical choices and following intently all laws and regulations.

At a Glance:
People Mosaic supports: More than 3,500
Employees: More than 5,000
Locations: 40 agencies comprising more than 250 communities in 12 states

2813 Patterson Rd.
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission
"Embracing God's call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life."

Mosaic is a faith-based organization serving people with intellectual disabilities. We believe that every individual is a person of worth. Together Mosaic staff members, volunteers and the people we support work as partners.

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