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Brief History
Mountain Mover's Mission Clinic was founded by Kathy Rubio in 1998, catalyzed by the destructive influence of Hurricane Mitch on a large part of Honduras, in an effort to accomplish everything described in the mission statement of Mountain Mover's Mission International. Since then, MMMI has changed along with the needs of Danli and rural Honduras, and the vision for the mission's future has developed steadily during the course of the staff's work. Consistent throughout the life of MMMI are the outstretched, open, and willing arms of the mission to the local Hondurans. As long as they need aid this will never change.
Volunteers after a hike in the hills near Danli. Kathy Rubio, director, far right.
Long Term Goals and Plans
In the near future, the mission has plans to purchase land and build a vocational and education school (primary through secondary education), a church, and a larger clinic all in Danli. It is possible that these will all be contained within one multiple level building. The current clinic/residence is being leased, and MMMI eventually plans to purchase a house to remove the continuous expense of leasing. Also, the mission is always looking for ways to expand its ability to accommodate and teach medical students in more depth and with greater efficacy. With proper vision and applied ambition, we believe there is no limit to what can be accomplished in Danli.

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colonia las brisas
Danli, 882
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