Mountains of hope childrens ministries

Organization Description: 

Mountains of hope is a non-profit charity organization looking after orphaned and destitute children in Uganda.

Mountains of Hope is inspired and driven by the potential that is inherent in all children; the potential not only to survive but to thrive, to become leaders who bring positive change to the lives of the children and their communities.

Our area of excellence and great strength is our deep understanding of childrens' experiences of orphanhood, deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability, and our dedication to placing the healing of those experiences at the center of our work.

We work in Uganda, and at this moment, we are assisting 28 orphaned and destitute children and their family members regardless of race, creed or gender. Our distinctive approach focuses on working with orphaned and destitute children throughout their journey from birth to young adulthood, as well as with their families, local organizations and communities to create the environment children need to thrive.

Po Box 182 Mpigi Uganda
Mpigi, 256
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to make a real, lasting difference to the lives of children through the provision of quality education and by surrounding them with God's love

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are committed to working with children; we are willing to serve God through caring for the destitute children; Jesus said to them, "Let the little children come to me."

We are stewards
The resources at our disposal are a trust from God through our sponsors/donors on behalf of the young orphaned children, we are open in our dealings with sponsors/donors and the public at large, and we demand high standards of competence and financial accountability. We are committed to the responsible stewardship of all funds. Every effort is made to minimize overhead. Procedures and controls are frequently reviewed to ensure effective and efficient use of each dollar contributed

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