MOVE Nepal (Master organisation of Volunteers for Experience Nepal) - Global Volunteers for Nepal

Organization Description: 

MOVE Nepal Nepal is a work and travel organization. MOVE Nepal seeks to address the educational, health and environmental needs of Nepali people.
Established by a group of Nepali individuals, passionate about Nepal and with a committed history of working with international volunteers, we
invite like-minded individuals and groups from around the world to join us. By traveling with MOVE Nepal you will be making a difference to our
people while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of our country.

We provide a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the depth of Nepali culture and to work with local communities. Our volunteer program specially designed to address the educational, health and environmental needs of
Nepali people. Our programs run throughout the year and are available to both groups and individuals. 

We ensure our volunteers are provided with a meaningful community experience with a wealth of adventure activities. 

Kathmandu, 23889
Mission Statement: 

We create an opportunity for local communities to work together with international participants so that both can have a better understanding about their respective cultural values and global friendships can be formed.

Our mission is to provide affordable volunteer work and travel programs to visitors from around the world.

We aim to increase awareness of the importance of education, environmental and health issues.

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