Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberia

Organization Description: 

MOPGEL was established working from the premise that cultural and traditional practices denied girls and women access to training and education in this manner curtailing their ability to improve livelihoods, literacy and to make a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

Thus, programs that emphasize human rights, training, education, health care and the development of human resources are imperative, and this is where MOPGEL endeavors to provide support and services.

C/O P.O. Box 3520
Monrovia, 231
Mission Statement: 

MOPGEL as a not for profit organization exists to minimize gender inequalities and injustice in the Liberian society through the provision of three key programs: Education, Economic Empowerment and the Environment.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

MOPGEL believes that God Almighty created the Heaven, the Earth and man. He (God) later created woman to be a help mate to man. MOPGEL believes that God Almighty doesn't discriminate.

Thus MOPGEL seeks the creation of a just Liberia where women and men would be respected according to God's well so that woman can play her role in society as a help mate.

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