Organization Description: 

Help People from where they are .

810 Walnut Ave
Baltimore, MD 21216
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission is reaching people from where there are . We want to be the church where God can use in reaching people, in a holistic way. Mt. Calvary is a church where people can feel the Love and Experience God in a more excellence way.

Our focus is to meet and give people hope. As the Bible says," Now faith is the substance of things to hope for and the evidence of things that is not seen". Christ is that Faith and that Substance, is the knowledege we knowingly known as to our lives after God through Christ Jesus.

Keeping Christ in the center of our life, that is the also our main point of this ministry. We believe that God has a plan for people, we in courage people get to know Christ and harden not your heart in the day you hear his voice

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We Believe in the the Birt, Death Resurrection and Second of Jesus Christ. And that he is seating on the right of the Father Pleaing for our case.

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