Mulberry Community Center

Organization Description: 

The purpose is to follow God’s guidance in expanding ministry and mission of our Lord to the people of Meigs County, to strengthen the churches of Meigs County, to meet unmet needs of the people in Meigs County by providing activities and facilities that are carried by the cooperation of 26 churches within the county, to help cooperate with all denominations and social organizations in doing expanded ministry and mission, to make good use of the funds entrusted to us for mission and ministry, to facilitate a coordination of the ministries and the missions in the MCC and to help recruit, train and make available laity and professionals to the MCC. The MCC welcomes people of all ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, especially focusing on those in poverty lifestyles.
The Mulberry Community Center is a multi-purpose complex that houses the Parish Shop (low-priced, resale clothing store that protects the dignity of the people but provides much needed clothing), God’s Hands (a carpentry group that helps those in need), the Comfort Club (group that makes and distributes quilts for disaster needs), New Horizon’s Child Enrichment Center Preschool (501(c)3 organization meeting the needs of 3-5 year olds who want a Christian-based learning experience), Food Pantry (emergency, holiday, and summer food giveaways), Faith Community Parish Nurse program, Cancer Resource Center, Walking Path, Community Kitchen (allows individuals, organizations and ministries to utilize a safe cooking environment for fundraising, small business development, preparing meals for God’s Neighborhood Escape for Teens Youth Center and the stocking of the food pantry through gleaning programs), the Meigs Cooperative Office (basic needs/calamity assistance) and God’s Neighborhood Escape for Teens (God’s N.E.T.) The MCC supports the God’s N.E.T. Youth Ministry through housing and support for the transforming of the lives of children who are in need of spiritual, mental and physical support. An additional clothing store is located in another part of the county. We are often seen as a liaison for families when they are in need and must work within the governmental systems. The Parish Nurse provides assistance to the elderly and families to help with navigating new governmental regulations in healthcare. Provide food, clothing, medicines and shelter to those in need. MCC desires to break the bonds of poverty by helping with incubation business programs, life skills education and mentoring.

Organizational Email:
260 Mulberry Avenue
Pomeroy, OH 45769
Mission Statement: 

Growing, Sharing, and Uniting God’s people of Meigs County. Growing: The Cooperative Parish is constantly assessing the needs of the community and seeking ideas, informational programs, ministries, and resources to meet the needs of our community. Sharing: Sharing the gospel, talents, resources, and our time with one another. Sharing our lives to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Uniting: Bringing people who are separate together - the haves and have-nots, the helpless and the helper, the lost and the found, the loving and the unloved, brother and sister, children of God.

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