Mustard Seed Farm

Organization Description: 

Located north of Ames, IA, we have a small CSA and also grow food for the shelters and soup kitchens in the area. In this second year we are growing food on about one rented acre. As we improve the shelter on the farm, we hope to become more set-up for hospitality.
Our Beliefs

We believe in…

Land stewardship
In contrast to predominate modern farming practices we are trying to farm in a way that rebuilds and creates living soil. We attempt to balance multiple interconnected farming methods in order to create a farming system that closely mimics nature.

* Rotation and cover crops
* Green manure
* Permaculture and perennial crops
* Friendly insects - bees, vermiculture
* Erosion control
* Protection of waterways
* No harmful petrol-derived pesticides, herbicide, or fertilizers


* Growing food for those in need
* Growing good food for sale/ CSA
* Solidarity with the poor
* Hospitality to the Homeless
* Hospitality for learners
* Spiritually open and nurturing


* Cooperative decision making/ Consensus
* Respect for the dignity of all life


* Decrease our dependence on fossil fuels: walk, bicycle, solar and wind power, manual labor, conservation
* Growing our own food vegetables, fruit, grains, protein
* Green building practices

366 W Ave.
Ames, IA 50014
Mission Statement: 

Guided by our faith and ethics, we are dedicated to sustainable, simple living, love of our neighbor, and creating a community in which everyone can participate in growing and eating delicious, healthy, locally produced food.

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