Mwitethia Self Help Group

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In Kenya poverty is immense. Over 900,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic and are in the care of poor aged grandparents. At least 23% of children are underweight due to mulnourishment. The life expectancy for men is 43 years old and for women is 46 years old. Only 57% of girls and 65% of boys go to secondary school. Almost every year the country is harshly hit by draught leading to dependence on relief food supplies from other countries.

Our Feed the Hungry - Organic gardens project is seeking to address hunger and poverty through sustainable food sources which will also supplement poor diet -like Ugali (a kind of thick perridge made from maize flour - used for filling up on but has poor nutrition contents) taken by most of the peasants in our community who usually eat a single meal a day. The organic gardens therefore will provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, alleviate hunger and improve nourishment for general health

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To be a leader in fighting poverty by making members self reliant and providing hope and opportunity to the less fortunate in our society while conserving our environment and natural resources.

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