Organization Description: 

NACODE came into existence as a volunteer not for profits organization to address the issues of health awareness among the rural communities of Kenya. This in particular was to address the perennial tropical epidermic ravaging the rural communities in Kenya namely, Malaria, typhoid, Hepatitis, cholera, TB and the worst of them all HIV/AIDS. NACODE has been carrying out awareness campaigns all year round. taking care of orphans and ministering to women and destitute children through vocational training initiatives.

PO BOX 2234 Bungoma KENYA
Bungoma, KENYA, 254
Mission Statement: 

NACODE exists to promote health education in the community .We believe that a healed and healthy community is an empowered community that is able to overcome poverty and social ills that bring the members of community down, thus alienating them not only from themselves but from God their maker.We believe that a spiritually stable person is that who has not only received spiritual healing, but is indeed physically healed too and prospered.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

we believe in being born again and in the baptism of the spirit. we believe in the supernatural gifts.we believe in God the father,the son and the holy spirit

we believe in the virgin birth of Christ, and that Jesus, died, resurrected, ascended into heaven, and He is a soon coming messiah.

we believe in the priesthood of all believers.we do not judge other faith, but exercise love and acceptance of the grace of God.we believe in the healing of the soul and body. we believe in physical prosperity as a spiritual endorsement.

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