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Organization Description: 

Kingdom focused -Nappet identifies existing projects that are Kingdom-focused, effective, sustainable and enthusiastic about receiving volunteer support. Volunteers serve in projects that both pre-existed and will continue after volunteers’ leave. Nappet ensures that the volunteer’s investment of resources, time and passion will have a long-term impact. Meeting needs -Nappet provides facilitators who are an interface between the projects and our volunteers. Nappet facilitators are followers of Christ who are trained to meet the needs of volunteers and to ensure that volunteers are productive and fulfilled whilst making a meaningful contribution to the projects we support. Valuable social interaction -Nappet handles logistics such as accommodation, food, transport and other logistical requirements, making Kenya missions accessible to those with no previous experience, and ensuring that this burden of responsibility is not carried by the projects and ministries we support. This also provides the valuable social interaction and shared experience that volunteers enjoy and benefit from. Funding supports projects -Nappet Volunteers are self-funded and are required to pay a fee that covers all essential needs during their stay in Kenya. This fee includes a 10% project donation that is channeled directly to the projects we support. Uplifting kenyan communities -Nappet volunteers contribution is always intended to uplift Kenya communities and individuals by a combination of practical development and a commitment to growth in Christ. We ensure that Nappet-supported programs develop maturity and freedom – not dependence. Scenic beauty and wildlife -nappet Volunteers are exposed to the beauty, wildlife and local attractions of the areas in which they work. Hard work is balanced with enjoying the sights, wildlife, experiences and attractions of Kenya.

NAIROBI, 00100
Mission Statement: 

To build a bridge joining ChristÂ’s followers in kenya with believers from around the world, in reaching individuals and communities with the love of God.

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