Narmada Adhikari

Organization Description: 

"Life for Change" Volunteer program is willing to involve you in our volunteering and home stay programs by being a part of our local community. We believe you will have an unique experience with us while helping the needy people of Nepal. The country is rich in culture, architectural wonders and natural beauty, and the diversity of experiences here will be of long lasting memories. People of Nepal are well-known around the world for well behavior and friendliness. Nestled among the peaks of the Himalayas, Nepal's stunning beauty and unique culture has made it a must-see destination for travelers and trekkers for years. For those looking to get off the tourist trail and see a different view of life in Nepal, Life for Change offers a choice of Nepal volunteer opportunities that enrich the lives of volunteers and locals alike.

Z - Street , Thamel
Kathmandu, BC 19531
Mission Statement: 

Doing volunteering work with Life for Change is like combining your holidays with some community work and being socially responsible of your travel. Up till now you have experienced a good living and comfortable way of life in your own home country. Now you can learn and experience how you can smile and be happy even in adverse conditions like most of the people in Nepal. Don't miss this unique and rewarding opportunity to gain an invaluable insight into the Nepali way of life which you may never have in your life again

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Life for Change is much aware about your pre-placement orientation classes to prepare you before you begin your work as a volunteer. We support you by providing Airport pick up, training in Nepali language, culture and work practices. Life for Change also does everything possible to look after your safety and make sure you have a pleasant stay.

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