Nehemiah's Call Ministries

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Vision Statement

Our vision it to see the church being put into full use as one body. It is also to see missionaries, churches and ministries come together supporting and connecting one another.

(Vision in Development):
Our future vision is to see the Christians of today being able to walk into a Full-Time Ministry and be well prepared and be well equipt for where God is leading them.


Building up the walls for a Holy generation.


Nehemiah 1:1-15


January 2007

By Hudson Wells

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11 Pumping Sta. Rd
Salem, NH 03079
Mission Statement: 

Mission Statement

Nehemiah Ministries is God's call to bring the churches, and ministries and missionaries back to being one body. We help build, lift, and support ministries, churches, and missionaries so that there will be an increasing effect on our hometowns, the surrounding cities and states, and the countries of the world. We also use our own connections with missionaries, churches, and ministries to help bring them together to support and build each other up.

(A mission in Development:)
Nehemiahs Call Ministries will be starting a school for God-driven people to come and learn to walk into full ministry. It will be to help guide and direct the future generations into a more passionate relationship with God, and will help guide them to noticing the gifts God has given them and how to use them to God glory.

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