Nepal volunteer program

Organization Description: 

VCD Nepal (Volunteer for Community Development - Nepal) is an officially registered non-governmental volunteer organization. It is a non-profitable organization, registered with the social welfare council.

Kathmandu, 0977
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to promote community awareness and aid Nepal in it's move forward toward development. In order to help Nepal we work with individuals and teams of volunteers on community projects. These projects include: increasing awareness of the importance of the English language, teaching English in government schools as well as Buddhist monastaries, working with various orphanage homes, environmental and health education, sanitation and argricultural projects and income-generating activities. By educating and helping the rural communities of Nepal, we aim to decrease poverty one community at a time.

Nepal is a country with a rich culture. However, as in other third-world countries, more than 80% of our people have to live with inadequate provisions for health and nutrition, poor sanitation and a lack of education. The ultimate goal of VCD Nepal is to give Nepali people the necessary tools to help themselves. Your time, talent and contributions can help us do that. VCD Nepal offers the unique opportunity to experience the richness of life in Nepal at first hand, while having a direct influence on the quality of life for its people.

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