Nest of Hope Cameroon

Organization Description: 

Nest of Hope is a group of dynamic and dedicated women and youth not for profit making community based organisation that enhances well-being and health of the poor and underprivileged in our rural communities of Cameroon with head office in Great Soppo – Buea. Nest of Hope was created in 2006, but the organisation obtained its legal status in the year 2009 with Registration No:46/G.37/D.14/I/Vol.T/T/BAPP.
Our Objectives are;
- To improve the health of the underprivileged
- To give the poor and underprivileged a chance to be educated
- Bridge the digital divide (ICT (Information communications Technologies) training and access)
- Help needy communities ( bring clean water, solar energy where needed)
- Promoting Entrepreneurship amongst young people, especially out of school youth, through training workshop and action planning leading to the development of small scale income generation activities such as market gardening, pig rearing and poultry farming
- To fight poverty and unemployment (provide low-interest loans to women especially and equip unemployed and underprivileged youths with marketable IT skills to help them self reliant).

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Mission Statement: 

The mission of the association is providing women/children in Cameroon with the resources for them to reach their true potentials. Our vision is to advance the development our villages and securing improvements in health and living conditions of marginalized women and children in our community.

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