Organization Description: 

Networks is a Romanian charity established in 2001 and has multinational board of directors and a full time missions team supported by full time Romanian staff and international, multi-denominational volunteers from England, Romania, Sweden and America.

Networks works with young people and families living in extreme poverty (many of whom are Roma) living in village communities and in an inner city ghetto area. These families often live in tiny, cramped mud houses, with no water no drainage and mud floors. We are also involved with working with people living on the streets of Arad.

The work we do involves, amongst other activities; helping families carry out urgent repair work to their houses, supplying fire wood and flour in the winter, micro-enterprise initiatives, children's clubs, homework clubs and bible studies and in general, practically and spiritually supporting families and children in need.

(004) 0257384010
Str Regiment 85 Infanterie Nr. 1831
Arad, 317340
Mission Statement: 

Networks aims to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of families and young people living in extreme poverty.

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