New Citdale of Hope Christian Church

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SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SUNDAYS 10:00 AM WORSHIP & WORD BIBLE STUDY TUESDAYS 7:30 PM noon day PRayer TUESDAY & THURSDAYS To call in to Noon Day Prayer, Please Dial : 605-475-4000 Enter access code: 325595#

1320 Rockcut road
Forest Park, GA 30135
Mission Statement: 

WE BELIEVE... that Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe that salvation is only gained when you accept Jesus as your personal savior and confess that He died to redeem us from our sins. We believe that baptism is an act of obedience. Jesus was baptized, and we are also called to be baptized as a symbol of our commitment to giving up our old way of life in exchange for a life in which we live in the image of Christ. We also believe that true worship is about totally surrendering ourselves to Christ. At our church, we work to advance the kingdom of God by bridging the gap between the church and the world. One of our main goals is to win souls through purposeful evangelism, fellowship, and development for discipleship for the Kingdom of God. We aim to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings. Through the word of God, we will equip and empower individuals to build and maintain strong families and healthy communities. Our Focus - At the heart of our ministry is an unwavering faith in God, family unity, and fellowship with one another. Our Mission - It is our mission to glorify God in all that we do, grow individuals into disciples for the advancement of Gods Kingdom, give of our talents and gifts to our ministry, gather souls through purposeful evangelism, and gain new friends through fellowship. Our Vision - New Citadel of Hope Christian Church exists to be a Holy Spirit-filled house of prayer, worship and restoration. We are a God-fearing church that is reaching with love, teaching to live, and building to last. Who are we reaching? - Our reach is not limited to the church; we aim to reach those people within our surrounding communities who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We want to introduce them to the salvation that is available to them and to the love of God that is demonstrated through us. We also reach for those who are regular churchgoers who are looking for a deeper understanding of the word. What are we teaching? - We teach individuals how to live with integrity and a consecrated life. We teach strictly from the word of God, educating people on the principles and commandments that God has instructed us to live by.

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