New Generation

Organization Description: 

New Generation Christian Academy is a Private Christian school for the primary phase, i.e. Pre-school up to Grade 7. We follow the ACE curriculum. A school day starts at 7.00 and ends at 13.00. In the afternoon we offer extra-curricular activities such as swimming, dance, photography, rugby, netball, etc. The school is registered with the Ministry of Education ( 8780) and falls under the authority of the Agape Church.

P.O.Box 32
Aranos, 9000
Mission Statement: 

It is our aim to raise a new generation who whould truly seek the face of God in all aspects of their lives. We believe that training up a child with Godly principles is the ultimate recipe for success in life.

Psa. 24:6 "This is the generation of those whose hearts are turned to You, even to Your face, o God of Jacob."

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and through His death there is atonement for our sins. We believe that Jesus died, rose and is coming again for His Bride.

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