New Generation Network

Organization Description: 

New Generation Eco-Social Foundation Care started its operations way back in 2006 as a community based organization with 5 active social workers and 20 members, who were fully committed. It started in Nawansaso village, Kitayundwa sub-county Kamuli District. As the scope of work is expected to expand, it will acquire more land to accommodate more needy people and it will expand to other regions like Kaliro, Namayingo and other Iganga regions far Eastern Uganda. Its fully registered by the NGO and is a full member of Kamuli District NGO forum. Currently it has over 1000 members fully Christian who subscribe to the Family Altar Restoration Ministry and perform Christian roles and Community at the same time. It encompasses vulnerable groups with aims of solving basic economic problems affecting them. It also implements Community programs, and trains the youth in fellowship. As emphasized by the Founders, the organization is operating mainly in Eastern Uganda but its planning to extend to other parts of Uganda to provide these vital services to all Ugandans.

It is based on self help basis and it gets its funds from subscriptions paid by the members and also Christians from well-wishers, friendly Churches and local organizations. The program is looking for governmental firms to support, International Agencies and Donors.

Kamuli, 256
Mission Statement: 

To provide leadership in the fight against HIV, poverty and illiteracy in Kamuli region. Also it wants to empower the communities spiritually so as to live humbly as they worship Jesus.

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