New Genesis Southern Baptist Church

Organization Description: 

Southern Baptist

(619) 224-0998
(619) 224-6043
3065 Rosecrans Place
San Diego, CA 92110
Mission Statement: 

New Genesis SBC

Mission Statement:

Presenting the R.E.A.L. gospel to R.E.A.L. people with R.E.A.L. needs that only a R.E.A.L. God can meet.

R - Reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ.

E - Equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

A - Assemble the people for a time of worship, teaching and celebration.

L - Launch new and exciting purpose driven ministries in the Point Loma community and surrounding area.

Purpose Statement:

"We Celebrate God's presence by Communicating His Word, building Community within His family and Cultivating and Caring for His People."

1. Celebrate God's Presence (Worship)

2. Communicate God's Word (Evangelism)

3. Build Community in God's family (Fellowship)

4. Cultivate God's Word (Discipleship)

5. Caring for His People (Ministry)

When we say that we are "Purpose Driven" we are declaring that all that we do as a church has purpose. When we plan, we plan on purpose. When we have an event it has purpose. We try not to fill a calendar with frivolous activities that do little or nothing to advance the mission.

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