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New Hope Children?s Home:
Cambodia was once a beautiful, flourishing country in Southeast Asia. But in 1975-79, the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot took control of the country and began a systematic destruction of the nation and its people?infrastructure was destroyed, Healthcare, currency and all education were abolished and more than 2 million of the country?s leaders and professionals were summarily executed. Thousands were left orphaned; entire communities were displaced as people fled to the countryside. To impede the flight of the people, border towns, strategic points and highways such as Poipet and key cities such as Battambang were heavily planted with land mines, claiming lives and maiming thousands of civilians.

Cambodia Today
Presently, the country is recovering from the horrors of its nightmare of thirty years of civil war. But the grim reminders of its tragic past are all around us?the infamous killing fields, the multitudes of orphans, the abandoned children who turn to begging and dumps to survive, wasted fields, land mines in remote areas and grinding poverty. Today, Cambodia is one of the poorest nations in the world, ridden with diseases, and its people trying to rise out of great poverty and want. The children, the most innocent victims of the war, represent the hope of this land. They are the ones most deserving of all help and support. To help them is to extend life to a new generation of this country.

Cambodia has a growing population of children needing help: They are
? Orphans who have lost one or both of their parent/s to the
war, land mines, diseases such as HIV-AIDS, or poverty.

? Abandoned children because of divorce or extreme poverty.
* Street children who have turned to begging, prostitution, and drug
trafficking to survive. Some scavenge in the town dumps and
sleep under the bridge.

The State dpes not have a welfare system to meet even the most basic needs of children in crisis. Many churches try to help and reach out to the orphans however, there are so few churches in a land where Christianity comprises only a little more than 1% of the entire population.

New Hope Children?s Home was opened in October, 2000 in response to this great need. In the midst of such a bleak and distressing situation, New Hope Children?s Home brings hope, life, a future and best of all, God?s love.

It has seen in the midst of this great need an excellent opportunity to serve both Christ and the country. Its vision is the creation of a future generation of young Cambodians who will be strong, literate and productive despite the scars of the war.

Hope Children?s Home believes that the best way to accomplish this is by providing emotional healing through love and acceptance in the Home, providing basic needs of food, clothing, healthcare and education. More importantly, the children are introduced to God?s love. He alone can bring healing and wholeness. Furthermore, the children are given spiritual guidance through regular instruction in the Word and their talents find expression in serving others in the church and the community..

Presently, New Hope Children?s Home has 32 orphan children and adolescents in its care. They receive the following through their sponsors:

* Food
* Clothing
* Health care
* Education- Basic and secondary schooling
Khmer and English instruction
 Skills Training- motor repair, computer skills
Sewing and hair-dressing
* Christian Education and training- Through Bible
studies, devotions, worship services and
youth fellowships and cell groups.

New Hope Children?s Home is strategically located in Poi pet Commune, in the western part of Banteaymeanchey province. It is the border town between Cambodia and Thailand, an international gateway to Thailand and the rest of Asia. As a major entry point for all goods entering Cambodia, Poipet is the center of business and in the near future, of industry and commerce. It is also the site of 9 gambling casinos, patronized by the wealthy from Thailand and other Asian nations. Unfortunately, it is also where vice, prostitution and drug trafficking are rampant. This is also where a number of NHCH children have come.

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NEW HOPE CHILDREN?S HOME is a non profit Christian Children?s Home which rescues and cares for the orphans, abandoned and destitute children in Banteaymeanchey on the western of Cambodia.

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