New Hope orphanage

Organization Description: 

New Hope was founded in 2003 by a local Ugandan couple, Ken and Suzan Mulago. With a $15,000 grant from the Mustard Seed Foundation, Ken and his wife constructed a six-room secondary school that doubles as an orphanage home. Since then, New Hope has expanded to care for 67 orphans and vulnerable children aged 3-19 and to provide secondary school education for over fifty young men and women aged 12-19.

New Hope assists orphaned and vulnerable children in two categories: resident and non-resident. The 40 resident children live on the grounds of New Hope and sleep in two of our secondary school’s classrooms. We are the sole caregivers for the resident children and provide them with all their food, educational support, clothing and healthcare. The 27 non-resident children live with relatives in Busia Town Council and receive a limited amount of food, educational support, clothing and healthcare services from us. These non-resident children come to New Hope at least once a week to play with the other children, participate in life skills training and keep us updated on their situation at home.

In addition to providing the basic necessities for the 67 children under our care, we offer them much needed emotional support. So many of our children have suffered through the trauma of losing their parents or living in extreme poverty. We seek to alleviate this by providing a safe, loving environment where our children are free to be kids again.

Organizational Email:
Plot 122 Justice Ogoola Road, Busia Town Council
Busia, 256
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of these children by providing them food, healthcare, clothing, a loving home environment, an excellent education, a hopeful future and, most importantly, the childhood which disease and poverty almost stole from them.

We ultimately seek to train these young victims of poverty and disease into well-educated men and women equipped with the character and leadership skills necessary to lift Uganda and all of Africa from the depths of civil strife and massive poverty.

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