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1. Faith Education 1.1. Community - Share the gospel of Jesus, and show love and faith through action, teach and baptize to all nations, like children, youth and poor families. - Establish the Bible program for those children, youth, and families from level to level until curriculums that time they can have ability both in spirit and professional skills - Establish more churches - Cooperation between church to churches and New Hope School for Good News. - Strengthen the youth to became those who share the Good News in the Future - Teach these youth to become the leader in the future. Because Youth are the bamboo shoot of Christian in future. So when they finished they can teach the entire lessons that they have learned from the school to the next youth and next youth teach to other. We will provide them: How organization the youth group Drama of Jesus, Khmer Dance, Leadership, Music, Popular song praises etc. 1.2. Churches - Develop strong communication - Determine the needs - Provide Teaching - Provide teaching for pastors, assistant pastors, elders, youth leader, children, Bible Leader, Saturday and Sunday Bible School, seminars and TEE Programs. And donor programs Bible study programs - Provide structure and organization. - Pastor - Provide training - Motivated and encourage. - Help them and find them the solution - Pray with them 2. Educations Reunifying solemn friendship and making cooperation in every field between local and International organizations, associations, and other institutions, that have the Same purpose the same direction and the will. Especially, to glorify the education in order to increase knowledge and professional skill in national development. - Helping to multiply human resources to all citizens and student who lack and students who escaped from school in grade 9 - 12 of the state school by shortage in their family. Especially Who lack possibilities to find job after leaving school. - Urging economic activities that have very important role to unload the our country, so that it can catch the national and International market, which are progressively grown, labor markets-Strengthening human resources activities in the country so that they are strong and have enough possibilities in order to develop our nation by offering courses like: - Khmer language to curriculums of state school and English for Children include Bible study - English Training Course - Computer Training Course and office skills 3. Agricultural - Plantation :( Rice, Vegetable, Mango, Papaya etc.) - Feed Animals: (Cow, Pig, Chicken, Duck, Goose .etc) 4. Future Plans - Run New Hope School to be Cambodia New Hope Organization - Run Orphan Center in Battambang Province and in other Province. - Establish the Institute Christian for both Christian and none Christian - Establish Life Skills, Hair Dresser and sewing and other skills such as repair machines - Establish Community Development through empowerment project church Problem Statement Poverty in Cambodia has a largely resulted from the high population growth, inadequate opportunity, and low capabilities in the rural community. - About 75 % of Cambodias population is employed in agricultural production; between 13-16%of them have no agriculture land. Most of them are Pastors, youth Leader. children Teachers, - The majority of the poor (80%) are those with household heads employed in agricultural sector. - 80% of poor have income below 2000 Riels /day (US$50cents). - Low production of Rice for 1 hectare got 1000kg for supporting everything in familys needs and livings so they do not have enough rice. - 3% are in the college, 10% in the high school, 10 % are very low education. - 80% lack of technical know how to do with skills. - 40 % of employable are working. - Big family average of 6-10 members. - lack of transportations - Lack of health facilities, no clinic and doctor to help in the community when they sick. - 10% engaged in gambling and drug addiction and drinking wind. The poorest people in the community was conducted by our survey last October December, 2013 The result of study is shown there is the poverty in the area about 80% incidence of people whose livings below the poverty line. This can be due to the low level of education, lack technical knowledge, lack of opportunities, lack of resources, large family, unemployment and lack of health facilities. This situation is a problematic because ideally people earn enough to live human lives, should have received high education and skills, and at least is sufficient on food and nutrition as well as health services. NEW HOPE SCHOOL can solve these problems with a commitment to work with the poorest rural communities according the priority need of the people in communities. And completed by village representatives indicates. a- Lack of food- food insecurity primarily caused lack of rain or disaster for sufficient rice production has resulted in the villages having rice for only 4-6 months of the year. On the average the rice yield per hectare have decreased from 2 tones to 1tonnes/ hectare. The most of villagers leave the homeland to find the job to support the families. b- Low education-literately level in some villages are very low estimated about 25-35% baseline information indicates that between 15-35% the children do not attend primary school. It is a big problem related in communities as gambling and violence. Low education also caused by insufficient income to send children to school and also to deprive of access to educational opportunity or skills that could have enabled the villagers to earn better employment or learn farming technologies that could boast their agricultural production. All these affect the long-term for development or rural communities. c- Debt-most of the villagers borrow the money from private businesses for purchasing of agricultural inputs and food. Interest rates are commonly 20 % is very higher with repaying back. Resulting increased in dept and the villagers decide to sell their land or other assets to clear in the depts. some debtor run away from homeland to the other places and some of them put in the prison because no money to pay back. d- Sickness of people- related to the heal problems, in generally, lack of sanitation and Understanding about how to take care their health. The villagers get sick they spent a lot of times and money to the clinic or doctor. Generally, the poor without money to pay for the medicine or doctors can die. E-Animal sickness animal decease is frequency related to the poor sanitation and inadequate feeding practice and the villagers do not understanding about how to take care the animal and protect animal from decease. e.g. Bird flue is also happen in this country.

# 04/94 Prey Tou Teoung, Village, Chrey, Commune, Thmorkol District, Battambang Province, Phnom Pen
Phnom Penh, 855
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