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Personal Life Coaching
Do you want to live a happier life with values?
Do you remember what it's like to feel confident but haven't felt that way in quite some time?
Is your life like a circle going around and around?
Do you know what motivates you or what holds you back?
Would you like to set goal and achieve them?

A personal Life Coach is trained to support you in achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life. Life coaching aims to help you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back so you can enjoy a harmonious life. A coaching relationship invites a safe, sacred space for exploring life experiences and making a purposeful difference in the areas of your life you hold important.

At New Life Coach Inc., we will encourage you to explore who you are and to reach for your most passionate dreams.

Health And Fitness Coaching
Are you out of shape?
Out of energy?
Do you lack motivation?
Do you eat all the wrong foods?
Do you overeat?
Are you at risk for heart disease?
Do you have high blood pressure?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions you are a candidate for a fitness and health coach.

A fitness and health Coach can help assist clients to achieve their health and fitness goals and to make exercise a part of their lives. A fitness and health Coach helps the client eliminate all the roadblocks that stand between them getting into shape. You will gain knowledge about nutrition, wellness. and fitness.

New Life Coach Inc. is committed to being with you for every step of the way, helping you discover what you can really do and helping you stay on track. If you want to feel better, look better, and gain confidence, take that first step - try being coached!

Career Coaching

Are you wondering where to turn next, because you have been laid off?
Do you feel unfulfilled, or feel stressed even though you are a "success"?
Are you looking to change careers? Do you feel like you are in a dead end job?
Do you need a Job?

Whether you're changing jobs or looking to improve your current job, New Life Coach Inc. has a solution to help bring more fulfillment into your work life.
A Career Coach can assist you to identify your unique skills and competencies, uncover issues standing in your way of success, build your self-confidence, and help you develop goals and achieve a higher level of performance and satisfaction

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