Nicha Plus Enterprises

Organization Description: 


New Industrialized Cleaning and Households Appliances (Nicha ‚?plus Enterprises)

Nicha Plus is a Community Based registered with projects and programmes in sustainable agriculture, child abuse, vulnerable children, forestry, water, energy, women‚?s rights, environment and technology/industry, gender, health/mobile clinic/HIVAIDS and safety. The organizations have been established since 2007. It is comprised of board members.

The main purpose of Nicha Plus is to mobilize resource both local and internationally towards the above mentioned programs, which are sustainable, environmentally friendly, poverty eradication. Developing, managing and financing community based programs through popular participation of the target groups in Kenya.

The Enterprise is engaged in the production of soap and Soy products from our local starch and its derivatives e.g alovera,soy beans,avocado,Bananas, potatoes,Palm oil,Sunflower and animal starch. Men and women are taught on how to make soap. Also liquid detergents are part of the goods / products Nicha plus Enterprises produces.This enterprise is established as our income generating activity for our entire projects that we do cover. So we do not make any profit in return.

Organizational Email:
Box 2311Bungoma
Nairobi, 50200
Mission Statement: 

"Nicha Plus endvours to be a major actor in strengthening the capacity building of the community members by involving them in sustainable development activities to improve the lives of their beneficiaries in partnership with international organizations,Faith based organizations and other development concious sectors to make the world to be a better place to live"

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