Niskrity Foundation

Organization Description: 

In greater Rajshahi, over the years poor vulnerable communities are continuously fighting against nature and power structure. As results it cannot go with mainstream of development. Being the part of that community the progressive people started for the well being of this deprived community under the banner of Niskrity Foundation. Niskrity Foundation in its beginning conducted survey to identify the problem and challenges especially HIV AIDS, trafficking field along with the cross cutting issues gender diversity, rights, governance and so on. Beyond the baring issue, Day by day it attracts diverse people to contribute for the vulnerable group. Niskrity Foundation facilitating in its programmatic planning priorities and main focus on underlying causes of poverty, sex worker & trafficking peoples.

Seroil, House No-92/1 Spondon House
Rajshahi, 6100
Mission Statement: 

Though a simple dot in the social landscape of Niskrity Foundation is very much distinct as one of the voluntary development Organization in Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh. It was established in 1985 by a group of dedicated social activist, women activist aiming at multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional group working towards socio-economic transformation. Niskrity`s point of departure has been to reexamine the developmental process and to work towards development alternatives based on the empowerment of the majority of the people, so that the people themselves can identify and be involved not only in fulfillment the basic needs of the present, but in anticipating and creating their own future. As a result, the people will gain control over their own lives and to ensure participation in nation building process.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The main strategy is to developing and strengthening the community-based organization and institution at the grass root level. Focus will be given to make participation of all level community people in those organizations. This organization will identify their problem and find solutions based on their local resources through participatory manner. Gender is a cross-cutting theme of this organization. Niskrity Foundation will provide necessary training, build up linkage with the relevant Goes/NGOs, and conduct necessary research for the community based organization?s need. However, Niskrity Foundation intends to act as facilitator of the community based organization to develop their skills of ensuring livelihood and to raise voice to secure their rights.

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