Northwest Neighbors of Pasadena

Organization Description: 

Northwest Neighbors of Pasadena (NWN) is a faith-based public benefit non-profit serving the Villa Park area of Northwest Pasadena.

We have offered after-school programs, summer enrichment programs, mentoring and leadership development to youth in Pasadena since 1995.

The leadership of Northwest Neighbors chooses to live among the community we serve, which consists mostly of immigrant Latino families.

432 N Garfield Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Northwest Neighbors is to help weave together people of all classes in both Christian community and active ministry in order to develop more resilient and healthy neighborhoods.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

First and foremost, we live in the neighborhood in which we serve. Every staff member lives in the square mile area known as Villa Parke - a vibrant Latino community also home to neighborhood gangs, drugs, and poverty. It is our belief that we can only truly love our neighbors when we are walking alongside them in their everyday struggles. Living in the neighborhood means being present when a child knocks on the door crying at midnight, caring for a neighbor who was mugged, shopping at the local Latino markets. We work for the transformation of the city, but never at the expense of the people and their culture.

We pursue, through programmatic and relational means, reconciliation between neighbors of different ethnicities and social classes. We believe that God has created us to be one family, embracing, encouraging, and understanding one anothers' differences. And it is through this reconciliation that we can be "salt and light" to those around us. As an organization, we encourage the relocation and retention of achieving and educated individuals and families of all ethnicities into our neighborhood.

Our hope is not simply to develop church-goers or friends who enjoy spending time with us, but we strive to raise up disciples and leaders in our community who will grow in their maturity in being obedient to Jesus' every leading. Through Bible studies, prayer times, worship gatherings, and personal discipleship meetings, we strive to assist even our youngest children in developing an authentic relationship with Jesus.

While we live in the city, we seek the mutual transformation of our community, as well as ourselves. We work to bring resources and education into our communities, while expecting to receive new understanding and blessings from those around us.

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