nsibirwa robert

Organization Description: 

Our areas of focus will include:
Youth Voice- where we will produce Newsletter, encourage Information Sharing, Counseling and Guidance
Development Sector- where youth productivity and skills training will be offered; these new techniques of production: Paper bags, Paint, Invertors, Shoe-making, Soap, Bags, Perfumes, Saucepan, Liquid Soap, Steam Engine, welding machine, computer science, carpets, fertilizers, welding skills, rendering technical services and so many others as stated down.
Through this kind of production we aim at and we are very optimistic that it will make us stand out from other players in the country.

kampala, +256
Mission Statement: 

This is a project that is aiming at providing youth in Uganda with skills which can change their lives to the better. Its urgent vision is to become a self-sustaining non-government organization in its efforts in the Mukono district, with an electrical, mechanical and construction company plus a skills training center, where youth will be equipped with knowledge of sustainable development. This will create job opportunities for youth in the area and transform their lives from crime, unemployment and bad Peer groups.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

-The Unemployed Youth,
-The employed but least skilled
- Illiterate and semi- illiterate Youths
-Community members

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