Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan Inc.

Organization Description: 

Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan was organized exclusively for charitable purposes as specified in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. NFoS was founded by members of the Sudanese community in the USA with the specific goal of elevating the living standards of poverty-stricken people in the Nyarweng areas in the north of Jonglei, Southern Sudan. Jonglei is the largest state in Southern Sudan, with a population of almost 1,200,000. It is the area of origin of the second Sudanese civil war that began in 1983 and lasted 22 years, leaving the majority of people starving and with no access to clean water, health care and education. Malnutrition and starvation became widespread, and the area has some of the worst health indicators in the world. The lack of investment resulted in what international humanitarian organizations call a "lost generation" who lack educational opportunities, access to basic health care services, and low prospects for productive employment in the small and weak local economies. The founders and members of this organization believe that we can make a difference in the lives of these people by developing basic educational and social amenities for underprivileged rural communities. The programs will be carried out for the benefit of all residents of the Nyarweng area regardless of race, nationality or religion. Our primary focus shall be on: a) facilitation of access to basic education and vocational training for local youth; b) prevention of epidemics and building health care facilities; c) provision of clean drinking water; d) introduction of innovations in agriculture. These goals will be achieved in cooperation with local communities and reliable NGOs in Jonglei State. NFoS already partners with the Episcopal Church of Sudan, John Dau Foundation, several local schools and many other organizations and groups in the region.

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Mission Statement: 

The mission of Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan, Inc is to eradicate chronic poverty, provide basic education & training to the underprivileged population in the now war-torn South Sudan, and to fight off diseases in the region.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan, Inc on the whole, was founded by over 250 members currently reside in the USA, to serve the underprivileged, war devastated people of South Sudan. While responsibly maintaining itself, Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan integrates self-development and individual concerns with public concerns, focusing on higher, broader, and more public levels of service. We endeavor to conduct our activities for the sake of others, particularly in the areas of Nyarweng Regions, surrounding neighbors, and the entire population of Jonglei State. Our founding principles are to be exemplars of genuine giving out of concern for the welfare of others, not for enhancement or profit of Nyarweng Foundation of Sudan.

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