omokubo community fellowship church

Organization Description: 

Dear brothers and sisters,
kindly receives my gratitude especially on the wonderful word of Christ you are doing.I was blessed to learn on your teachings on the website.
please pray for us,as we take cares of orphans in our church.We assist them with clothes food and shelter where necessary but now they are lacking school fees as we have hard times now since we are running shortage of capital.
this is a burdensome responsibility passed to us as a church after a deadly toll of HIV/AIDS.we would like your ministry to cover us and teach us in grounding this young people in truth.
i would be happy to hear from you soon

Brother in Christ,Wilson Nyabuto Pastor
Omokubo Community Fellowship church
Box 1178 Kisii code 40200

Nairobi, 40200
Mission Statement: 

To equip, teach and train people the body of Christ and become the kings and priest of God and victorious in every area of their lives .Also to share the true word of GodÂ’s word,so that to make us free.Isaiah 61:1-3.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We beleve in Jesus Christ as the son of God and god as the creator of alll human kind.John 3:16,We are sunday keepers.

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