Omwabini-Rescue Steps

Organization Description: 

Omwabini was founded in 2003 as a CBO (Community Based Organization) in Western Kenya, and seeks to support orphans, widows, and vulnerable children through sustainable development. We currently run an orphanage and a boarding school for around 500 children from ECD (pre-school aged) through Secondary School (Grade 12). We are also involved in many communities in Western Kenya, coordinating community development training, as well as the formation of committees to identify and solve issues and poverty within their own communities. Part of this work is assisting these communities through the protection of water springs, building of houses, and providing sustainable business help through small loans and training for those who need it.

P.O. Box 225
Kimilili, 50204
Mission Statement: 

The mission of this program is to work with widows, orphans and orphan headed families in Western Kenya. Our hope for these widows, orphans, families and communities is that each may have the ability to sustain healthy living conditions, provide for their own needs, increase their own opportunities, and to continue sustainable progress and change.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that God created the World, and continues to use His children to take care of it and each other. We believe that after sin entered the world through Adam, Jesus came to die for those sins so we could have a right relationship with God. We believe the Holy Spirit continues to guide and teach us in our daily lives to reflect His character to those we meet each day.

We also believe that God has called us specifically to hold to Psalm 68:5-"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling." We are acting as His hands and feet in reaching out to and defending these populations within our community.

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