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One village Uganda is a nonprofit community based organization operating from Nyabushabi parish, kyanamira sub-county, kabale district, Uganda. The total population of this community is above 3750 people according to the report by the government made 2 years ago of these, 99.5% are peasants who depend on rain Agriculture as their source of food and income for development. People in this village/community live under poverty characterized by lack of education, sanitation, malnutrition in children and unemployment especially youth and women. And the founding director of this program is Rotarian Herbert Bagyenyi Kajoki. Why one village Uganda? It is because the community or Uganda is big and wholesomely cannot develop at once and may need a lot of resources that are not available. But starting with one village or a few selected households like 50, development connects to other villages/communities hence to the whole country. My vision: Providing a life changing opportunity to the neediest families of the needy. My mission: Building capacity and developing a whole person through Agriculture, education, Tourism and the word of CHRIST for sustainable development. Objectives: To check out environmental and climate threats that affect land use and production. To use agriculture as the best tool for sustainable development which enhances education, improve food security, malnutrition in children and a source of income through agro-enterprise systems. To work through youth, women, and other vulnerable members of the community like childrens rights, elderly for development. To strengthen savings and entrepreneurship among aging people. To connect cultures/communities across the world through tourism and volunteering. Our core objective. To partner with relevant stakeholders, institutions, organizations/foundations and individuals among others, continuous training of our members to enable them acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development. Therefore, through my vision, mission and objectives above, am trying to develop a way of transforming or creating a renewable food source, household income, and environment for future generations use and bring back the glory of education that has faded and lost meaning in this community. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation. Rotarian Herbert Bagyenyi Kajoki. ONE VILLAGE UGANDA. P O BOX 422, KABALE UGANDA Email: Skype:kbagyenyi

Mission Statement: 

Building capacity and developing a whole person through agriculture, education, tourism and the word of Christ.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

ONE VILLAGE UGANDA organisation is a non profit community organisation founded by rotarian Herbert whose mind and work work to ward serving God. john 3.16

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