Operation Comminutas

Organization Description: 

Operation Communitas is made up of a community of local churches in the Detroit-Metropolitan area partnering with churches in the New Orleans area in an ongoing effort to assist people, families and neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Katrina. Through our ongoing efforts to match work teams with those in need and working side-by-side, we can help to rebuild and recapture a sense of community in the New Orleans area.

Organizational Email: 
6576 Cunningham Lake Rd.
Brighton, MI 48116
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Operation Communitas is to empower the people of New Orleans and their communities by helping them to help themselves by helping others.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We have been given an opportunity to join hands with the people of New Orleans. To work together as one people with a common goal, not to just rebuild some houses in New Orleans but to be the hands and feet of Christ. By being the hands and feet we will open ourselves to build relationships, by building relationships we will learn to work together, by learning to work together we will help to rebuild homes, not houses, in New Orleans.
We will be flexible, adaptable, sensitive and patient. There will be times when we may want to hurry and just get things done, but we are not just rebuilding a building of 2X4 ‚’s and drywall we are helping to rebuild lives and that must not be hurried.
We must have open communication, with a willingness to cooperate in a compassionate way to accomplish what needs to be done.

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