Orphanos Foundation

Organization Description: 

Orphanos was established in 1997 by five men who sought to honor the Lord by providing for the needs of children, particularly orphans, in different settings world-wide. Our name and mission come directly from the Holy Bible. The name "Orphanos" comes from the Greek word for orphan. Our mission statement reads; "The sole objective of the foundation is to glorify the Lord Jesus and serve His purposes on earth..." further, "Foundation shall accomplish it's objective through a concentration, in the name of Jesus Christ on meeting the needs of children in the world, with a particular emphasis on orphaned children.

(901) 458-9500
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P.O. Box 1057
Cordova, TN 38088
Mission Statement: 

Orphanos Foundation exists to impact children’s lives for Christ by effectively using the resources God provides. So to the glory of God and for the advancement of His Kingdom, we commit ourselves to provide short-term mission opportunities for individuals and teams that: 1) are facilitated with excellence, 2) provide structured opportunities for Goer-Guests to be trained and mentored, and 3) accomplish meaningful ministry on field for the children of the world.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

1. The triune nature of the Godhead; one God existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; one in nature and unity, yet three in being.

2. The Deity of Jesus Christ; He is God Himself; and is eternally existed, possessing all power and knowledge; born into this world from the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit; is, at the same time, true God and true Man.

3. The Divine inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, Old and New Testament; that the Bible is the divine Word of God and, in so being, is without error in its original text and is of supreme and final authority in faith and life.

4. Man was created in the image of God, sinned, and, thereby, was separated from God; each person born is separated from God by a sin nature with which he/she is born, and, in this condition, is unable by personal effort to be reconciled to God.

5. The Lord Jesus was crucified as an atonement for sins and, according to Scripture, served as the only possible substitute sacrifice able to sufficiently pay the penalty each human being otherwise must pay for his/her sins; those humans who place their faith in the fact that Jesus Christ served as the sacrifice which paid the penalty he/she should have paid for his/her sins, thereby, is reconciled to the living God and justified on the ground of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

6. The third day after the death of Jesus Christ, He bodily arose from the dead, according to Scripture, for the new life of man, and He is now physically seated at the right-hand of God the Father as the High Priest and Advocate of all believers.

7. The imminent return to earth of the Jesus Christ to reign as Savior and Ruler of the Universe.

8. The bodily resurrection of the dead, the just to eternal life with God, and the unjust to eternal separation from God.

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