OSDA- Organisation for Strategic Development in Africa

Organization Description: 

Organization for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) is a home-grown not-for-profit organization committed to bringing accelerated development to deprived communities in Africa through Education, Capacity Building and Health programmes.

We believe our first responsibility is to deprived communities and the less privileged in society, our development partners, both in the public and private sector.

In meeting their needs in everything we do we:

Appreciate the fact that communities and the less privileged should be guided to identify their own resources, manage their own activities and be able to take responsibility of their actions to meet their developmental needs. We must constantly strive to empower the ordinary man to be self-sustaining as the Chinese would have it teach a man how to fish than provide him with fish Put mechanism in place to make needy communities and the vulnerable in society heard on issues key to their very survival as the principal agents for their own development. Consider and appreciate not only the wisdom and opinions but the intellect and capabilities of our local people before making decisions regarding issues which directly affect their livelihood. Strongly believe and crave for equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for both men and women towards the development of a just, peaceful and prosperous society. Introduce innovative and change driven activities to help communities we serve to become change agents through cultural exchange, volunteerism and knowledge transfer programmes. Believe that socio-political institutions must change to bring the needed development capable of bridging poverty gaps, inequality in society while safeguarding the environment through collaborative efforts by all stakeholders

P.O. Box CT 6397,
Accra, 00233
Mission Statement: 

Organize the youthful energies into productive activities through voluntary, cultural exchange and knowledge transfer programmes to facilitate the implementation of social intervention projects for needy African Communities.

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