OverComers by the Blood, Inc

Organization Description: 

Over Comers By The Blood will bring back unity to young women of all walks of life. In a whole it will help the two populations reach their highest potential in life, by encouraging them to stay in school, resulting in a percentage drop of the two populations dropping out of school. Also it will bring down the percentage of young women not furthering their education, by assisting with enrollment, funding, transportation, and daycare. In turn this will bring down the number of welfare recipients. The ministry will also bring awareness of mental and physical abuse to the community with the hope of bringing down the percentage of battered women. The ministry will help teenage girls and single mothers over come obstacles that have held them down, from past, present, and the future to come. It will bring self respect back, self esteem up, and a since of self worth back into the community among the two populations.
The ministry will provide transportation to weekly and monthly meetings, to church, and limited transportation to jobs, schools, and doctor appointments. We will hold yearly teen summits, and conferences for single mothers. We will provide Christian counselors on staff twenty-four hours a day to provide support to those in need. We will provided limited housing for abuse victims.

1602 crystal lane
Greensboro, NC 27403
Mission Statement: 

Over Comers By The Blood, is a ministry that will help better the lives of at risk teenage girls , and single mothers ages, by bringing awareness of a better way of living through God across the world.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Over Comers By The Blood believes in seeking God for every direction in the ministry. We shall show Godly integrity, and show the love of God towards all who cross our path. We believe that everybody is somebody in Christ, and there is no little YOU’s and big I’s. We believe that everyone has a vision, a dream, and goals that are attainable with the help of God, and we will be lead by God on helping them to reach them.

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