Organization Description: 

Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment, a Southern California community development corporation, was founded in 1976 to address the employment and job training needs of the Asian Pacific Islander communities at the time. With an initial grant from the City of Los Angeles, PACE was created to offer job training and job placement services to its constituent communities. In 30 years, as its program and management experience broadened, the agency realized that the employment and job training needs of these communities could not be adequately addressed through one program. PACE thus sought to broaden its services and job creation programs.

Today, PACE‚’s scope of services includes workforce development, housing services and development, environmental services, small business assistance, and early childhood education. PACE is headquartered in the Downtown Los Angeles area with field offices and programs located throughout Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley and the South Bay. The agency has a workforce of over 380 employees who are multi-lingual and multi-cultural to meet various needs of its constituent communities.

PACE is a leader in making positive changes in our diverse communities that have social and economic challenges. PACE transforms lives through empowerment of individuals, families and businesses.

1055 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment is to create economic solutions to meet the challenges of employment, education, housing, business development and the environment in the Pacific Asian and other diverse communities.

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