Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation (PERC Shelter)

Organization Description: 

Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation was founded as St. John's Shelter at St. John's Lutheran Church in Union City, NJ, in 1981. It was created in response to the growing crisis of homelessness in Hudson County and in specific response to the influx of refugees from the Cuban "boat crisis" and Mariel Boat Lift. PERC is one of the county's founding homeless shelters and continues to refocus and respond to current needs affecting people at risk or in need.

PERC offers shelter, food, an after-school, educational programming, guidance, training, and other community-based social services. We work with women, men, at-risk youth, and children from all walks of life to provide for their basic needs and offer better opportunities for a brighter future. At PERC, we believe that food and shelter are basic human rights and that each and every person deserves dignity, respect, and opportunity.

Currently under construction, the PERC Supportive Housing Project will provide eight permanent, supportive housing units for people who are chronically homeless. PERC provides the only family shelter in Hudson County.

108 36th street
Union City, NJ 07087
Mission Statement: 

Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation (PERC) was founded on the belief that “with help there is hope.” PERC's mission is to empower the community and to defeat the cycle of poverty.

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